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HR Margdarshan is a Human Resource Business Simulation Competition

HR Margdarshan is designed to test an HR professional's ability to think strategically and anticipate how a company's workforce will react, individually or collectively, to common HR events or issues and provide the right advice to management.

It is all about experiential learning and earning a seat at the "table"

HR Margdarshan offers participants strategic options to choose from and measures the impact of their decisions on the company's Profit & Loss Statement.

HR Margadarshan Winners

A Margdarshan event was recently held at the Goa Institute of Management. The winners display their awards and prizes below


The Benefits of HR Margdarshan

HR Margdarshan can be used for the followiing purposes:

The Simulated Business Activity

HR Margdarshan is about a SIMULATED ACTIVITY (group collaboration to recommend HR strategy) to achieve a business outcome (financial perform measured in the company's Profit & Loss statement).

Management no longer expects a “gut feel” response by HR to important workforce issues. Management expects advice to be made on experience and analysis of information extracted from their HR database. The right information requires the right data to be collected from the appropriate sources and processed for presentation. The challenge is for companies to have immediate access to reliable quality data. The right technology today is a Cloud-Based HR digital platform with an “open” database to support integrated HR business applications and information reporting tools.

The same groups of metrics are used throughout the HR Margdarshan to simulate information provided to management, as part of a periodic Board Report, and then to answer questions from the Board minutes.

The six HR business functions simulated by HR Margdarshan are:

1. Risk Avoidance,

2. Employee and Organisation Effectiveness,

3. Talent Acquisition,

4. Talent Retention,

5. Talent Enhancement, and

6. Improved Productivity and Service Delivery.

By providing HR metrics to illustrate trends in the six categories HR can focus on what management should be concerned with, interpret statistical information, and respond to questions about the trends and what should be done to rectify or avoid adverse impacts on the company’s financial performance. HR Margdarshan provides examples of the type of questions likely to emerge from management meetings where HR metrics are presented. In practice, management would be looking to HR for the wisdom and experience acquired from dealing with similar issues in the past to help guide them through potentially dangerous situations.

Applying Game Experience to the Real World

By participating in HR Margdarshan it is hoped that participants will gain an insight into the importance of quality and accurate workforce information to support decision making and to understand and identify trends illustrated by HR metrics to help executives manage the company’s financial performance. Underpinning the metrics used in the HR Strategizer game is the existence of a robust, reliable and flexible database.

New technology now enables HR to build their own custom solution without relying on HR software vendors to provide their solution and idea of best practice. Every company is different and require their own set of data for today’s purposes and must have the ability to change in the future without vendor lock-in. The solution is the new HR platform technology.